Tadasana – Standing Still

We don’t often consider Tadasana as a posture – it’s just something to begin from or rest in.

When practicing any posture in yoga we are training ourselves to focus on something in particular rather than letting the mind wander. And Tadasana is no different – in fact it it’s quite a difficult posture from this ‘focus’ perspective. When standing in Tadasana for any length of time it becomes quite apparent that the mind is not willing, able or in the mood for focus. It’s in the mood for ‘well what’s next then?’ or ‘thank god that’s over’.

Concentration is what yoga is ALL about. This term I’m hoping to linger longer in Tadasana to encourage observations of both body and mind.


  • feeling the soles of the feet on the mat
  • being upright
  • awareness of my skeletal alignment
  • feeling muscles, ligaments and tissues
  • relaxing as much as possible
  • taking a deeper breath
  • allowing thoughts to reside
  • sensing the spaciousness

You can also try a meditation in the posture – how about this one –

A simple meditation to calm the mind

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