Dancing Branch Relaxation

Here’s a lovely relaxation for you. Why not take 10 minutes out of your day for a little ‘me’ time? We all know that when we feel happy and at peace it sends out good vibes to those around you. So you are doing yourself and your peeps a favour by taking a rest!

In this relaxation we imagine we are lying in a meadow beneath the branches of a lovely cherry blossom tree. As you look up you can see the branches full of soft pink, delicate blossoms and in between you can see the sky mostly blue with a few clouds here and there. Absorb your awareness in the colours – pink blossom, brown branches, blue sky, white clouds.

There’s a bit of a breeze and you watch a particular branch as it bounces and sways, dancing almost with the breeze in a carefree manner. The branch is firmly attached to the tree trunk so it can move in all directions- however the wind takes it. One moment the branch is still and just a little wobbly and the next a gust comes along and blows it about wildly. Some of the petals flutter down and brush your cheek gently.

Soak up the qualities of your branch. It’s dependence on the trunk for stability and the wind for its movement. It gives way freely to the movement, with grace and beauty. No will or want to determine its direction. Imagine yourself as a branch on the tree of humanity. Surrender to the outside world for a moment or two. Feel the connection to nature and the rest of humanity – rather than controlling everything, living interdependently, in harmony.

At night when I lie down to rest

Considering the day – triumph or mess

I tell myself not to stress

Just do your best, and leave the rest

When we accept the fact that we cannot control all parts of our life it is liberating and can help us to dance our way through life in a more carefree and fun way. Enjoy!

Published by yogadeb

Yoga teacher in Stamford, UK, and online

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