Yoga To Strengthen the Feet

A short yoga practice to help make your feet stronger

Look after your feet and they will look after you!

We rely on our feet for all movement. Keep them clean – use a pumice to get rid of dead skin and dry well after washing. Fungus and bacteria can build up in the feet causing unpleasant odours and irritating conditions such as athletes’ foot, verruca’s, and toenail fungus. These can take a long time to get rid of once they take hold. It’s good to keep your feet healthy – love them or hate them!

Yoga is great for your feet – generally we work with bare feet on a sticky mat. This gives your feet a good airing! For these exercises you will need a small ball like a golf ball or one of those spikey balls that you get for the tumble dryer. I think you can probably buy proper massage balls too – but improvise and use what you have around.

Let’s begin moving the feet now – use the video above as a guide.

Tadasana – use ball to massage sole, stand on outsides, insides, heels & balls

Tadasana with breath

Utkatasana raising up on balls of the feet

Vajrasana – use props under hips if uncomfortable, raised sitting up on balls of feet

These exercises will develop strength in your feet. General exercise like yoga will keep your circulation moving that can help if you get cold feet (and hands). Lastly, be mindful of your footwear, it’s best to vary your footwear, including heal hight and try to walk bare foot if you can.

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