Yoga to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is a ‘hammock’ of muscles that run from your pubic bone at the front to the sacrum at the rear. Everyone has them, men and women. Gravity pushes everything downward towards the earth – this includes our ‘insides’ (heart, lungs, bowels, stomach etc) – which are pushing on the pelvic floor whenever we sit or stand upright. Jumping, running and trampolining all add to that pressure. So, keeping your pelvic floor toned is an important aspect of our overall health – the alternative will be to buy incontinence pants or pads – which is not only environmentally costly but has a mental impact on ‘loosing control’ over ones life. A well toned pelvic floor will also keep your ‘prana’ or energy from leaking out and keep your sex life alive.

Most women who have give birth naturally will know about Kegel exercises which are squeezing the pelvic floor upward in the centre. This is a version of a yogic exercise call Moolabandha. In our sequence we will do a variety of these ‘squeezes’. You can do these anywhere at any time – aim for at least one set of 20 every single day.

The poses included in the video are –

Horse Pose (wide legged squatting)

Wide legged forward bend seated

Vajrasana (kneeling) with Moolabandha

Shashankasana (Childs pose) with stepped Moolabandha

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