My Tirth Yatra Experience

Leicester has one of the largest concentrations of Hindu temples or mandirs outside India and on 25 March I joined the annual pilgrimage, Tirth Yatra, and walked some ten miles visiting many of these temples. I made lots of friends along the way and enjoyed the festival atmosphere as the Yatra coincided with Ram Navami, Lord Rama’s birthday. The mandirs are all very interesting and distinctive, some grand and other quite humble, but, on this auspicious day, all were a riot of colour, music and people jostling for a chance to rock the baby Rama’s cradle.

I would urge you to join me on next year’s Yatra or just drop in on one of the many mandirs at any time when you will be made to feel most welcome.

Tony, Preston class 6 – 7.30

A Pilgrimage of Leicester Temples

On Snday 25th March there will be a Tirth Yatra (Pilgramage) of Leicester’s Hindu Temples.

Why not join in this Yatra to celebrate the 20th year of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies and the 10th year of the Leicester Friends group on the auspicious day of Ram Navami?  This is a Sponsored Walk visiting the glorious temples of Leicester raising money for Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies. The day will run as follows –

8.00am Registration (Jalaram Mandir, Narborough Road, Leicester, LE3 0LF)

£11 fee is required for registration (Health and Safety). However this will be deducted from from sponsorship raised and a minimum sponsorship of £25 is kindly requested.

8.30 Walk starts

The walk is at a steady pace so that it is enjoyable and manageable for all.

Everyone is welcome to join in. Lunch and refreshments are provided.

For more information and registration please contact 0116 268 0306 or 07845 286057

or email

A Pilgrimage of Leicester Temples

hindu temple

On Saturday 12th March the Friends of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies will be organising a Sponsored Walk  visiting the beautiful temples of Leicester ending at Gandhiji’s memorial statue. Why not join this special day as the ‘Tirath Yatra’ (pilgramage) coincides with Gandhiji’s Dandi March (also known as the Salt March) whilst that was a march for nonviolent protest, this sponsored walk is a peaceful march in discovery of some of Leicester’s inspirational Hindu temples.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

For more information contact me here