Home is Where the Heart is

Fill your home with joy and beauty – for home is where the heart is. Each of us has a basic need to feel secure – your home is that security blanket! Surround yourself with objects, colours, textures and pets that lift up your spirits and bring you joy. Yes! Fill every nook and crannyContinue reading “Home is Where the Heart is”

Don’t let negativity drain your energy!

With such misery in the news all around us it’s easy to be down in the mouth, frustrated and moany. Not only does this make us difficult company, but it depletes our prana (life force or energy). Try your best to look on the bright side and accept that life has its ups and downsContinue reading “Don’t let negativity drain your energy!”

Positive Thinking: 7 Top Tips for Looking on the Bright Side

The power of Positive Thinking has been known for thousands of years. This quote and its many variants are attributed to Henry Ford the great industrialist and suggests that everything we do (or do not) is down to our mind set. “If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford PutContinue reading “Positive Thinking: 7 Top Tips for Looking on the Bright Side”