March 20th is the Equinox – where daylight hours are equal to night time. This is the time of year when yogis take cleansing practices.

There are a variety of yogic ‘shatkarmas’ – these days we call it detoxifying. The ancient yogis saw these practices as part of the purification of the body and mind. In our classes we have already practiced Kapalbhati which is a way of cleansing the mind using the breath. We are currently working with Trataka – gazing with unblinking eyes at a candle flame. Both of these practices are said to release deep seated emotions which can weigh down our thoughts and outlook on life. It is not necessary to know or be conscious that release is happening – but following the practice you may sometimes feel happier or lighter.

Other practices that are relevant to this time of year are neti (nasal cleansing) and lagoo (intestinal cleansing). Neti can help to relieve colds, sinus and eye problems. Lagoo can help to rectify imbalances in the gut and thoroughly clear out the colon.

If you would like any further information or advice on these practices, please do get in touch, I am able to offer them as part of my yoga therapy.

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