Yoga classes March – April 2019

In the 90 minute Yoga classes we’ll continue the theme of ‘Opposites’.  Our next set of lessons drawing inspiration from the text of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras –

“sthira sukham asanam” (II:46)

Which is translated to mean ‘the posture is firm and soft’.

With these 2 things in mind we will look at a variety of postures including the Tiger, the Pigeon and a very deep backbend called the Melting Heart pose. Hopefully balancing the firmness and softness both on a physical and mental level. Challenging!

All of our posture work will help to strengthen and stretch our whole bodies so that we can enjoy stability and ease at all times in our lives.

Our focus in Pranayama will continue to develop Kapalbhati and the guided relaxations will aim to connect us all to the gentle and soft sides of our nature.

Published by yogadeb

Yoga teacher in Stamford, UK, and online

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