Shiva’s Twist

Test your balance and train your core with this challenging standing yoga posture. This is a step by step guide to Shiva’s Twist – you may like to practice near a wall when you first try so that you can use it for support. It’s best to practice in bare feet on a sticky yoga mat to reduce the risk of slipping.

Before you begin..

Shiva’s Twist is a challenging posture. Loosen off your shoulders with a few shoulder rolls before you begin. Then stand for a few breaths in a well-balanced Mountain pose, taking your awareness from the ground up – feeling the feet relaxed and evenly balanced on the floor, knees a little soft. Then carry on feeling the buttocks soft, shoulders relaxed and arms hanging heavy. Each time you inhale feel the spine lengthen and stand up a little taller. Find a spot on the wall opposite to fix your gaze on.

Build the pose…

Let the weight sink down on the right side, take the weight down through the right foot lifting the left knee up to hip height. On your next breath raise the arms up out to the sides to shoulder height. Stretch the fingers away and bend the elbows so that the fingers point upwards. Keep the breath relaxed and smooth as you hold the balance. Keep your gaze on your focus point and gently press the elbows backwards to feel the shoulder blades squeezing together.

Try this static pose on both sides.

Add the twist… complete the pose ‘Shiva’s Twist’

Once you feel stable in the basic posture, take a deep breath in and holding the arms and chest in their positions, twist towards the lifted leg. Find a new spot to fix your gaze upon and hold the twisted version for 3 or 4 breaths. Then untwist and come out of the pose carefully.

Repeat on the other side.


Stand in Mountain pose (Tadasana) to relieve the tension in the standing leg and upper back. After a few breaths, on exhale fold forward into standing forward bend, knees soft and head heavy to allow the spine to lengthen. After a few breaths, on inhale uncurl back to Mountain.

If you find this posture too difficult you could try the tree balance and when you are comfortable with standing on one leg, come back and try Shiva’s Twist again.

You can find out more about the benefits of Shiva’s Twist here.

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