Peace Prayer for Christmas

Give peace a chance… as it’s the season of Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men why not spend a few moments to let the words of Mahatma Gandhi seep into your soul? Try reading the words aloud or repeating until you can remember the prayer with your eyes closed. Can you give peace aContinue reading “Peace Prayer for Christmas”

Learn to Relax

Our relaxation exercises in the Beginners Yoga last term were inspired by the book ‘Learn to Relax’ by Mike George. It is a very readable book interspersed with exercises to help reduce stress, live in the moment and relax. As you go further into the book there are sections on finding harmony in the relationshipsContinue reading “Learn to Relax”

Patanjali’s Sutras Chapter 1 Verse 3

“When the mind is silent and at peace, the true self is revealed. The connection to the soul can be made. It is like a pool of still water, with no ripples or waves, the water becomes crystal clear.” This version of Patanjali’s Sutras is interpreted by Michelle Corrigan and is called Your Quest forContinue reading “Patanjali’s Sutras Chapter 1 Verse 3”

Where on Earth is your ‘tragus’?

a) On your heel b) On your elbow c) On your ear The answer is c) on your ear!! The Tragus is the flap of cartilage that runs up from your cheek over your ear ‘hole’!  In the practice of Bhramari Pranayama we gently push the tragus with the thumbs to ‘stop up the ears’Continue reading “Where on Earth is your ‘tragus’?”

Sunlight and Shadow

        In yoga we seek to find balance… this is not a journey with a definitive goal because the world around us is in a state of constant flux. What is balanced for me now wont be balanced in a few moments time.  Indeed this was brought home wonderfully yesterday when IContinue reading “Sunlight and Shadow”

Hello Sunshine!

Many readers will of course know that Surya Namaskara means Salute to the Sun – but did you know that Atapa Snana is the yogic phrase for the healing science of the suns rays? There are numerous benefits of responsible sunbathing – for a start it increases our levels of vitamin D – essential forContinue reading “Hello Sunshine!”

Essential Planting for the Yogis Garden

2 rows of Lettuce: Lettuce be kind Lettuce be happy 1 row of Squash: Squash selfishness 3 rows of peas: Peas of body Peas of mind Peas of heart 3 rows of Thyme: Thyme to sleep Thyme to practice Thyme for fun 1 row of turnips: Turnip to class no matter what Water freely yourContinue reading “Essential Planting for the Yogis Garden”


Jess Pryor from the Tuesday 6 o’clock ‘Yoga for Well Being’ class in Preston, near Uppingham, was our lucky winner for the Spring Term prize draw! She received the rather large box of Ferrero Rocher – and looks very happy about it! Hope you enjoy the chocs Jess – don’t eat them all at once! Continue reading “PRIZE DRAW WINNER FOR THE SPRING TERM”

Mantra – Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

This mantra is sometimes sung at the beginning or end of  a yoga class.  It can be on its own or as part of a longer song or collection of matra.  I think it is beautiful and often meditate on it – wishing good things to people and recognising that our own thoughts and actionsContinue reading “Mantra – Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”