Meditation For Beginners – New Course in Tinwell

I’ll be running a new 6-week course in Meditation after Easter this year. It will take place at Tinwell on Monday evenings. This will be a gentle course suitable for absolute beginners. I’ll guide you through practical exercises to combat stress and harness the power of positive thought. Each week we will develop a techniqueContinue reading “Meditation For Beginners – New Course in Tinwell”

Stepping Off the Christmas Merry-Go-Round

  With the count-down to Christmas now in full swing – juggling who’s going where, what to buy for so-and-so and fitting everyone in over the festive period – things get frantic for the body, mind and soul. At these times our heads are jam packed with to-do lists and our bodies are tense holdingContinue reading “Stepping Off the Christmas Merry-Go-Round”

Yoga Classes – September 2017

Our focus for this year will be Anahata – the heart chakra. Anahata colours our life with love, compassion and beauty. Through our yoga pracite we’ll fill our hearts with love and generosity – give ourselves the time and space we deserve to feel loved and give love with joy and radiance. In our asanaContinue reading “Yoga Classes – September 2017”

Learn to Relax

Our relaxation exercises in the Beginners Yoga last term were inspired by the book ‘Learn to Relax’ by Mike George. It is a very readable book interspersed with exercises to help reduce stress, live in the moment and relax. As you go further into the book there are sections on finding harmony in the relationshipsContinue reading “Learn to Relax”

5 Reasons To Put A Smile On Your Face!!!

Did you know that there are many health and psychological benefits of smiling, laughter and a good sense of humour? We are greatly influenced by the expression we hold on our faces – smiling actually uses less muscle and energy than frowning, so it really does make much more sense to smile.  By smiling youContinue reading “5 Reasons To Put A Smile On Your Face!!!”

Yoga Therapy 1-2-1 Now Available For You!

I am now able to offer a brand new service –  1-2-1 Yoga Therapy from my freshly decorated therapy room at home here in North Luffenham. Yoga Therapy is a great way to work with ongoing health problems such as insomnia, specific joint pain, stress, symptoms of the menopause, and much more. With Yoga TherapyContinue reading “Yoga Therapy 1-2-1 Now Available For You!”

Just Breathe…

Strong or soft, wild or serene- Wherever breath flows there is a song. Hear in its whisper touching behind the face, Singing in the throat, Dancing spirals in the sanctuary of your heart.   In this practice of listening, A moment may come when you just want to lie down. This is a doorway –Continue reading “Just Breathe…”

Did you know? A good sleep is essential for maintaining healthy weight!

This weekend I’ll be kicking off my Workshop programme with a session about Yoga and Weight Loss.  In my research I’ve come across some very interesting information not least that people who get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night are much less likely to become obese. It seems that the less sleep weContinue reading “Did you know? A good sleep is essential for maintaining healthy weight!”