Live in the moment – make elderflower champagne!

Oh how I love to live in the moment – and what a moment this time of year is. The wonderful scent of elderflowers is in the air and they are at their best to make Elderflower Champagne. Only 8 heads are required in this tried and tested (very old) recipe. If you can doContinue reading “Live in the moment – make elderflower champagne!”

Mango & Avocado Salsa

I can’t get enough of this salsa! I first tasted it on a ‘Safari Supper’ at a neighbours house in our village – she served it with salmon steaks. Since she gave me the recipe I have slightly adapted it and served it up on top of toast and with a jacket potato! It’s aContinue reading “Mango & Avocado Salsa”

Chickpea and Mushroom Burger Recipe

For a healthy alternative to the beef burger, why not try these? This is my own version of a BBC Good Food recipe – a bit more tangy with the Ras El Hanout and spices and more ‘meaty’ texture with the addition of the aubergine. Ingredients (makes about 6 burgers) 2 tblsp olive oil 1Continue reading “Chickpea and Mushroom Burger Recipe”

Simple Creamy Mushroom Biryani

If yours is a mad house in the evenings like mine, you need food that is easy to prepare, tasty and fully flexible – suitable for reheating when someone comes in late or you all come home at different times. This Biryana ticks all the boxes… make it ahead, the time it rests allows theContinue reading “Simple Creamy Mushroom Biryani”

‘Tis the Season… to make marmalade!

We’ve had the season to be jolly – now we have the season to make marmalade… If you’ve never done jamming/preserving before but fancy giving it a try, marmalade is the easiest , most satisfying of jams. I’m always amazed at how many jars of the stuff you get for so few oranges. The secretContinue reading “‘Tis the Season… to make marmalade!”