Strengthen Your Back #1 – Deb’s Daily Yoga

yoga teacher Deborah King demonstrates cat pose

Here’s a short yoga sequence to do every day to help strengthen your back. If you have ever suffered with back ache you’ll know that it can make life a real misery. So, why not try 15 minutes a day for a week and see if it makes a difference?

Where does back ache come from?

There are lots of problems you can get with your back muscles. Many of them can be repaired by the body given the correct circumstances. If you have an injury caused by a specific incident, then first aid measures are the best way to deal with that. RICE – rest, ice, compression, elevation. In the first instance with any back pain you should rest and try to provide the body nutrition and rest to heal the problem. There are some exercises you can do to reduce pack pain on the NHS website here

Many aches in the back come from a lack of tone in the muscle which makes the spinal column imbalanced. It can be helpful to think of your spine as a tent pole and the muscles as the guy ropes. When we lead a ‘sedentary’ lifestyle ie not working the back muscles, then the guy ropes become a bit slack and so the tent pole wavers around. A sedentary lifestyle can come about because you have been resting your back due to pain or injury or perhaps following years of sitting at a computer in a 9 – 5 job. On the other hand, a strong back can help you have an upright posture. This in turn lifts the ribcage and helps you to breathe more fully.

Another possibility is that back ache may be cause by ‘shouldering’ too much worry. Yoga is holistic. It follows the principle that for every physical problem we have and equal mental problem and vice versa. So the stress of life situations can cause tensions in the physical body which can, in turn, lead to back pain.

A strong back will make life better

Whatever the reason, back muscles can be made stronger by regular, gentle exercise. And that’s what I’ve got for you in the video below. Whether you are digging the garden, carrying a baby on your hip or going through a traumatic life episode, a strong back will make things better. It will hold you upright and enable you to breathe deeper, giving you much more strength to face life’s challenges.

Daily Yoga Sequence – Strengthen Your Back #1

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