Observing a Cosmic Pause

On Saturday it was the longest day. The Summer Solstice. The word solstice comes from Latin meaning SUN (sol) and BE STILL (stitium). It’s as if the sun has stopped in the sky and our daylight just goes on and on! The sun is our own radiant star and this ‘cosmic pause’ should be worthy of some kind of celebration don’t you think?

For starters its’ always good to think about nature, be in nature and let nature ‘hold’ us. As we have learned over the last few months, it really doesn’t take long for the natural world to re-inhabit once we remove the toxins of car exhaust fumes, so great is its power. Our living Earth is a wonder and miracle and this is a great moment to pause and reflect on it.

The Stillness of a Star: Observing a Cosmic Pause

This stilling of the sun heralds in the summer. It’s as if the sun stops for a moment to prepare for shining her brightest over the new summer season. Encouraging the plants to grow, flowers to blossom, fruits to ripen and animals to come out and play!

Though we don’t always notice the Summer Solstice, we certainly notice summertime. Lazy sunny days with cooling drinks in the garden. Hopefully soon, enjoying some company in the beer gardens around the countryside. Rambling, trips to the beach, riverside picnics and reading a book on a blanket in the park. Summertime is something special.

Perhaps it’s because there is literally more time- more daylight hours – that makes life seem more leisurely. More time to go out and do different things. Which means more time to get jobs done. And lots more light to be able to see things clearly…

Summertime Meditation

Why not take a moment to enjoy the sun? A very simple meditation is to focus on your breath and, as you breathe in imagine breathing in all the illumination of the sunshine and as you breathe out imagine breathing out a radiance of love and kindness to everything all around you.

***Breathing in – sunshine and brightness***

***Breathing out – a radiant shower of kindness***

Hydrate inside and out!

As the temperatures rise allow yourself more time to go about your daily live – rushing and heat don’t work. Avoid imbalances of energy as we make the shift to summer by accepting that we are in a transition period for a week or two and ‘take it easy’.

Stay hydrated by drinking about 2 litres of water per day. Take showers and bathe to keep the skin clear and healthy. The skin takes on more work in hot temperatures by regulating our heat. Try to ensure that it remains well aired and well hydrated.

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