My Tree of Compassion

It’s good to take time to explore and reflect on your thoughts. Here’s an exercise to see how you feel about yourself. You can download the sheet at the bottom of this post. I’ve used the symbol of a tree. How do we nurture ourselves? What enables us to draw in the good stuff? Write these things along the roots of your tree. And then, what do we give out? How do we show that compassion, both to ourselves and to others? Jot these things down along the branches of your tree. Of course you can colour your sheet in pretty colours too!

Here are some words to get you thinking… they may help you to complete your tree if you find it difficult to get going (download the tree template at the bottom).

adaptable, adventurous, authentic

brave, beautiful, bold

caring, compassionate, creative

dependable, dynamic, dreamer

empowered, energised, enthusiastic

fearless, fun, faithful

gentle, gracious, genuine

happy, healthy, hopeful

inspiring, intuitive

joyful, jolly

kind, knowledgeable

loving, leader, lively

motivational, mindful, mild


open-minded, open-hearted, opportunities

peaceful, playful, passionate

relaxed, restful, reliable

strong, soft

thoughtful, tender, tries



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