Pushpaputa Mudra

Pushpaputa Mudra – Imagine your hands are full of beautiful flowers

Sit comfortably and lay soft hands, upturned, upon your thighs. Visualise flowers in your hands – see the details of their colourful petals, imagine the scent wafting up to your nostrils. Now turn your focus to the breath, allow it to settle into smooth, long inhales and exhales. If you are used to Ujjayi, allow this to develop. After some time, begin to feel as though you are breathing in through the flowers in your hands. Each breath bringing with it the wonderful colours, light and scent of the flowers. Let yourself be filled with the energy of the flowers, feel them as rays of love from the cosmos. Draw this abundant energy inwards, filling up the heart space.

Published by yogadeb

Yoga teacher in Stamford, UK, and online

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