Our “Road Map” for returning to in-person yoga classes

Are you itching to get back to an in-person class? Feel the need for connection and motivation from group practice? IT’S COMING SOON.

The key date for our return to in-person classes is indicated as 17th May. This is when people will be able to mix indoors with social distancing (eg pubs & restaurants). From 21st June the Government hope all limitations will be dropped.

I think it’s best to put a plan in place so that we all have something to work to, look forward to and acclimatise to. Remember it will have been over a year since the yoga classes had to stop and it will take some time to get ‘back to normal’. You may feel that you want to begin with a gentle class if you have not been able to participate in the online yoga. I will do all I can to accommodate students as we return to in-person classes.

The ‘Road Map’ for do-yoga! classes will be something like this –

April 19th – May 28th  ONLINEYoga for Vitality, Yoga for Beginners, Weight Loss Yoga

June 7th – July 16th   IN-PERSON – Gentle Yoga on Monday Morning & Yoga for Vitality on Wednesday Evening ONLINEYoga for Vitality, Yoga for Beginners, Weight Loss Yoga

July 10th Saturday Retreat “Your Time To Thrive” IN-PERSON      

August 2nd – 27th Summer School “SANGHA” IN-PERSON Monday Morning & Wednesday Evening (Sangha is a Sanskrit word used in many Indian languages, Saṅgha) meaning “association”, “assembly”, “company” or “community”)


Please join the mailing list and keep an eye on your email as that’s where I’ll advertise when booking opens.

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