Did you know that you can relieve pain in the back, neck and shoulders by looking after your feet?  In fact, by giving your feet just a little attention your whole body can feel a lot better. Yoga can sooth the feet, strengthen them and ease foot pain besides improving circulation, reducing swelling and smelling!!Continue reading “PUT YOUR FEET FIRST! WORKSHOP COMING SOON 21/4/18”


Partner yoga allows you to gain a another dimension to the usual yoga practice. It’s way more fun and far easier! And a great way to start yoga. If you want to get the maximum out of yoga with the minimum effort  – then try partner yoga. By using each other for heat, motivation, anatomyContinue reading “NEW PARTNER YOGA WORKSHOP 24th March 2018”

Yoga for a Healthy Back

On Saturday 24th February I’ll be running a Workshop from 10 – 1 to help people look after their backs. The spine is one of the main focuses of yoga – it is said that you are as old as your spine is flexible… With this in mind I’ll be concentrating on gentle exercises thatContinue reading “Yoga for a Healthy Back”

Are you suffering with symptoms of the menopause?

Yoga is a great practice to get into to alleviate symptoms of the Menopause. There are specific practices to help with hot flushes and stomach aches but also more general, all round practices that will help to overcome the feelings of depression and sadness that can accompany this phase of life. To get a greatContinue reading “Are you suffering with symptoms of the menopause?”

Sheffield Yoga Centre – New Workshops for 2017

Last year a new Yoga Centre opened in Sheffield. Some students may be interested in the workshops and retreats they offer… The leaders are very friendly, I have been on several of their workshops and training days before. As you’ll see below, they have some real treats in store for 2017. The centre has a beautifulContinue reading “Sheffield Yoga Centre – New Workshops for 2017”

Weekend Yoga Workshop – “The Natural Face Lift”

Do you fancy a facial treat? Forget potions and lotions – yoga has all the ingredients you need to keep you looking radiant at any time of your life. Why not come along for a wonderful yoga workshop – either Saturday morning 9th May or Sunday afternoon 10th May. Both are perfect opportunities for youContinue reading “Weekend Yoga Workshop – “The Natural Face Lift””

Core! What a Work Out!

Last weekend I ran 2 workshops with a focus on the “core”.  These workshops are designed to take a more in depth investigation into a particular element of yoga.  They are suitable for beginners and those new to yoga, but also offer the experienced student a chance to develop a level of understanding that isContinue reading “Core! What a Work Out!”

Time to Get Back On the Mat…

Get back into the swing of things with a great elongated session of yoga this weekend – 10th & 11th January 2015. On Saturday morning (10 – 12.30, Ryhall Village Hall) and Sunday afternoon (2 -4.30, Preston Village Hall) I’ll be running 2 Core Strength workshops which will include suitable exercises for all levels ofContinue reading “Time to Get Back On the Mat…”

Weight Loss Yoga Workshop Rescheduled

The Preston Yoga Workshop will be rescheduled to November 16th – Sunday afternoon 2 – 4.30pm.  Lightening struck the building last Saturday (11th October) and burnt out cables/switches/thingamujigies and all other things electrical.  So we had no power on Sunday and had to abandon our workshop which was a pity.  Never mind!  Think of itContinue reading “Weight Loss Yoga Workshop Rescheduled”