Inside Outside…

In our 90 minute yoga classes, the April/May half term will continue with the theme of opposites. We will be thinking of our yoga postures from the inside and the outside. After learning several asana (postures) and sequencing them we will begin to add in the appropriate Chakra focus… Why do this? It can help us to bring into balance the mind, energy and physical body. IN other words we are trying to get our mind, body and soul ‘singing off the same hymn sheet’. This is how we can reduce stress and enhance healing within ourselves.

Inside/Outside has been a topic of interest and exploration for artists and philosophers throughout time. The artist Henry Moore worked with historic armour and build a whole collection entitled Helmet Heads in which he places 2 separate sculptures together – an inner person or mind within a protective helmet/skull/shield.

Moore Helmit Heads

From the yogic perspective, for the least suffering in this life, we are advised to align our inner and outer worlds so that we can feel happy in our own skin and simply be who we are. It takes real guts to be honest and through our practice we can build a strong body and mind to enable this.

Perhaps you can think of some other famous examples from art, history or philosophy? Have a think as I wold love to hear them.

New Year – Time to Start Something…


Have you always wanted to try yoga but have been putting it off due to time pressures or other commitments in your life? Well there has never been a better time to put those obstacles to one side and get going with yoga… The New Year is a great time for turning over a new leaf and starting something that you can really enjoy.

I recommend talking to friends and relatives – to see if you can find a local class that will fit into your life. If that doesn’t give some results, then use the internet to find classes ( is a good place to start). I strongly suggest trialling a few classes and teachers before you commit to a regular class as there are so many different styles of yoga and ways of teaching.  It’s best to see what variety there is on offer in your area before you spend lots of money.

I thought this article on the NHS website was very informative and gives answers to many questions you may have – if you would like any more help or to find out about what class spaces I have then please email me here