Yoga for Good Vibes

Our new term begins next week (20/4/20) and the classes are designed specially to be taught online with the focus on raising energy vibrations.

The affects of lockdown are affecting us all – they can be felt physically, mentally and energetically. Our yoga this term will focus on the vibrations that we give off and how to make them GOOD. The first aim is to release blockages that form when we are inactive. This will include hip opening postures as this is one of the main areas to quickly get stiff and restricted. We’ll work to increase energy with physical movement and static holds (Warrior 1 variations) and breathing exercises (Ujjayi and Bhramari).

Our relaxations will be uplifting and positive.

The classes will be a live feed to a closed FaceBook Group. All times will be as per the usual timetable. You will be able access the recorded class at any time throughout the week. So you will be able to do parts of the class – eg listen to the relaxation to help you sleep. That said, the traditional sequence of the 90 minute session has evolved over many thousands of years to be the most effect way to use the yoga class.

The term will run for 6 weeks and costs £30. We will move back into the village halls just as soon as we are able. The British Wheel of Yoga have advised me to prepare for disruption to classes for 6 to 12 months so we may have to alternate with classes in person and online for some time. It is worthwhile taking the time to set up your home yoga space so that you can adapt as necessary. If the technology is putting you off, I am happy to help you as best I can with your set up.

If you prefer, I can offer alternative remote teaching options for this course, for example emailing posture guides and sequences, audio files or 1-2-1 Zoom classes.

Please contact me if you would like to book – new students are most welcome.

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Yoga teacher in Stamford, UK, and online

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