Breathe Easy Yoga

Would you like to improve your breathing? Most of us could have better breathing habits and, when you think about how important our breath is to our health we should all really try to improve.

This video shows 2 exercises that can help to strengthen the diaphragm – our main muscle used for breathing. By regularly breathing a little deeper and longer all the muscles used for breathing can be strengthened. Slow deep breathing is the best for us as it allows a better exchange of gasses in the lungs. Good air in and stale air out!

In yoga we call oxygen the ‘life force’ or prana. This is the fuel used by all our cells. Slowing the breath down means that we can take on more ‘life force’ and so feel more energetic. When we breathe out we are sending out a variety of gasses that can be toxic to us if we don’t expel them.

The balance of oxygen in our blood is important and effects how well we are and how we feel. It’s such an important aspect of our life that we really shouldn’t take it for granted – and yet we all do!

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Yoga teacher in Stamford, UK, and online

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