Garuda Mudra

Garuda Mudra is also known as Eagle Mudra and is beneficial to the circulatory system. If you have high or low blood pressure please practice with caution.

First of all place the back of the right hand onto the palm of the left hand, clasp the thumbs together and position both hands facing the lower abdomen. Stretch out the fingers and take 10 smooth breaths.

Second slide the hands in the same mudra, up to the navel, 10 more breaths.

Third – slide the hands up to the stomach, taking 10 more breaths.

Finally, swap over the hands and position them over the sternum for a final round of 10 breaths.

In your minds eye, see yourself as free as a bird, sailing elegantly in a blue sky.

Published by yogadeb

Yoga teacher in Stamford, UK, and online

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