Yogic Gift Ideas for Christmas

It’s great to treat friends and relatives with gifts at Christmas. If you’re looking for a treat for someone who loves yoga as much as you do how about these – my top 5 suggestions –

Yoga Toe Socks

Keep feet warm during winter sessions of yoga

These socks have little toe sections and sticky dots on the base. They are very good for practicing yoga – not only do they keep your feet warm and toasty, but they help the toes to separate and find their own ‘space’ which helps us to balance.

You can order them from me in class – £5 per pair (colours vary)

Lavender Eye Pillow

A relaxing eye pillow can help people to get to sleep

This is a great eye pillow filled with lavender and is a great addition to anyone’s yoga kit. It’s also great if you know someone who has trouble sleeping – the aroma of lavender is soothing and the slight pressure on the eye sockets and forehead is calming and induces rest.

You can order them from me in class – the cost is £10.

Learn to Relax

Give the gift of relaxation

This is a lovely book that can either be worked through from front to back of just dipped in and out of as you fancy. There are several practical exercises plus lots of interesting step-by-step approaches to releasing anxiety and stress. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone and often use the exercises and chapters as inspiration for our relaxation sessions in class.

You can buy a copy on Amazon here

Power Thought Cards

Give the gift of positivity

These are a great combination of words and images that inspire a positive and powerful mindset. I have given them to so many people I can’t remember the number! Everyone who receives a set is absolutely delighted and uses them in different ways. You can’t go wrong with this honestly – whether or not the recipient is a yoga-lover.

You can buy them on Amazon here

Yoga Retreat

Treat a loved one to a super-relaxing day of yoga at one of my Saturday retreats in Exton. Fully inclusive of refreshments, light lunch and home-made cake, this will be a gift of yoga to delight. At just £39 you could make someone very, very happy for a fairly small cost.

Choose a day for them next year from the selection on this webpage

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