5 Things to do Over the Summer


Lots of nasty things can live on yoga mats.  I put my mat through the washing machine, it comes out a bit wrinkly but I soon stamp those out with some practice!  You can wipe your mat with some hot water and washing up liquid if you don’t fancy the full washing machine job, but it’s a good idea to have a wash and spruce up then leave your mat in the sun or on the line to dry out – at least once per year.


Why not share one or two of your favourite practices with your friends?  It’s a great way to introduce people who have never tried yoga; always begin with some simple warm ups and then you can demonstrate your flexibility and memory of the name(?) and correct entry/exit moves…  You could use one of the home practice sheets handed out this year and afterwards lie in Semi Supine for some quiet breath work.


Find a quiet spot with a lovely view and embrace the wonder of the world.  You could try a breath meditation or the hollow body meditation – or simply lose yourself in the view.  The summer is the best time to be outdoors so make the most of it and our beautiful rolling countryside here in Rutland.


Scrub, pumice and moisturise, before filing and polishing the nails once or twice every week over the warmer months and you’ll be amazed at how wonderfully soft and less odorous they will be throughout the winter.  Foot health is really important for our mobility and the flexibility of the spine – yes it’s all connected – and if you be good to your feet they will be good to you!


Yup, that’s right, just do nothing.  Why not?  Lie around and be lazy, put everything off until tomorrow – or even the next day!  They say that the best crop comes from a field that has been left ‘fallow’ or had a bit of a rest.  So there’s your excuse!




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