Cactus Pose – To improve Posture and Strengthen the Back

Cactus Pose – to improve Posture and Strengthen the Back


This pose is an easy way to strengthen your back – you can do it standing in a wide leg stance as I’m doing or Tadasana (two leg standing).  If you need a break from your work at a computer keyboard, try it at your desk when seated! A minute or two everyday should help keep the shoulders and upper back strong.  Also – try the meditative version holding the final pose for 10 breaths or so.

1 Stand or sit tall, pull the navel into spine to activate your core

2 Cross the wrists in front of you, raise the arms overhead as you breathe in

3 Exhale bending the elbows and spreading the fingers wide

4 Inhale arms back up overhead

5 Lower the arms back to the start position as you exhale

6 YOGA ADVENTURE 1 Hold the pose – squeeze the shoulder blades together and navel towards spine a little more. Keep the breath flowing smoothly for 5 or so breaths

7  YOGA ADVENTURE 2 If your wrists feel ok – take the fingers backwards and feel the effect on the upper arms

8 YOGA ADVENTURE 3 Test your balance by working this flowing arm movement while standing on one leg in Vrksasana (Tree pose)

9 MINI MEDITATION Imagine the sun beating down on you in a scorching desert

9 Release the pose – bring the arms down and then give yourself a hug to ease out the shoulders.

Mountain Meditation

I’m freshly back from a trip to the Lake District, and just about dried out.  Yes it rained most of the time and yes I got hailed on and blown about on top of Cat Bells – but there is something about the mountains that draws me and my family back year after year.  The dramatic scenery, the challenge of climbing to the peak, the soft, sweat water and of course the beer!

Thich Nhat Hanh gives us these words to meditate on…

Sit quietly cross legged – sukhasana, kneeling – vajrasana, or in a chair Egyptian style – half way back feet flat on the floor.

Repeat the following 3 times and visualise a beautiful mountain with a lake beneath…

Breathing in, I see myself as a mountain.

Breathing out, I feel solid.

Breathing in, I see myself as space.

Breathing out, I feel free.