When the going gets tough, the tough team up…

Without a doubt the easiest part of keeping fit is the decision to do it.  Beyond that some begin enthusiastically, some mean to but never get round to it and others find a friend to help motivate them. Teamwork strengthens resolve and builds momentum by pooling struggles and raising spirits when it feels as ifContinue reading “When the going gets tough, the tough team up…”

Let’s Explore…. PARTNER YOGA

There’s no doubt about it partner yoga has a definite Marmite effect in class – people either really love it or loathe it. No matter, there are very positive gains to working with someone when studying a posture. I like to do it in several ways in class – Observation Encouragement Adjustment/Awareness Working Together forContinue reading “Let’s Explore…. PARTNER YOGA”

Opening Your Heart

Our work in the yoga classes this year will be based upon looking after our hearts.  The work this term involves physical postures to open the chest and strengthen the back – by doing this we are creating more space for the heart to do its’ job.  Often, as a result of sitting for prolongedContinue reading “Opening Your Heart”

Make an ongoing commitment to your own health and wellbeing

Looking after your health is an ongoing process and we must always be increasing our commitment to it as we get older and become susceptible to more problems. Most of us take good health totally for granted – something we are given and don’t have to take care of. But as you are probably thinking,Continue reading “Make an ongoing commitment to your own health and wellbeing”

How to receive more Joy into your Life

Pushan mudra is a symbolic gesture designed to fill you with energy to give and receive joy. With the right hand bring the tips of the index and middle fingers to touch the tip of the thumb. With the left hand bring the tips of your middle and ring fingers to touch the tip ofContinue reading “How to receive more Joy into your Life”

The Advantages of Doing Yoga

It’s actually quite difficult to put into words why yoga is so good for us. For those who have been practicing for some time , I’m sure you know, it just feels right in so many ways. I think the words below by Vanda Scaravelli  (taken from her book “Awakening the Spine”) go some wayContinue reading “The Advantages of Doing Yoga”

Patanjali’s Sutras Chapter 1 Verse 3

“When the mind is silent and at peace, the true self is revealed. The connection to the soul can be made. It is like a pool of still water, with no ripples or waves, the water becomes crystal clear.” This version of Patanjali’s Sutras is interpreted by Michelle Corrigan and is called Your Quest forContinue reading “Patanjali’s Sutras Chapter 1 Verse 3”

Focus on the Diaphragm

Diaphragmatic breathing is one of the most important things you can teach yourself to do – simply letting go of the tension in the tummy and allowing the diaphragm to move naturally up and down will not only release tension in your back and shoulders but also enable a fuller, more complete breath to enterContinue reading “Focus on the Diaphragm”


March 20th is the Equinox – where daylight hours are equal to night time. This is the time of year when yogis take cleansing practices. There are a variety of yogic ‘shatkarmas’ – these days we call it detoxifying. The ancient yogis saw these practices as part of the purification of the body and mind.Continue reading “CHANGE OF SEASON”