Is it the right time to detox…?

At this time of year it’s  not uncommon to feel a bit down in the dumps. Seasonal Adjustment Disorder (SAD) is now accepted as a real ‘thing’ and it is thought that the lack of day light hours effects our brains to makes us feel this way. (So it’s not just me then!!) Coupled withContinue reading “Is it the right time to detox…?”

The River by Thich Nhat Hanh

“Once upon a time there was a beautiful river finding her way among the hills, forests, and meadows. She began by being a joyful stream of water, a spring always dancing and singing as she ran down from the top of the mountain. She was very young at the time, and as she came toContinue reading “The River by Thich Nhat Hanh”

Stretch & Relax Your Shoulders….

If you find you are carrying tension in your neck, shoulders and upper back after all the frenzied activities of Christmas and the New Year, why not give yourself a treat and try out yoga??? In my relaxed classes this term, we’ll be stretching out the shoulders and whittling the waists with some floor exercises…Continue reading “Stretch & Relax Your Shoulders….”

Be Like A Christmas Tree…

I saw this inspiring quote from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and thought what a priceless sentiment it offers in amongst all the tinsel and expensive gifts – “Each one of you is a special gift on the planet! You are the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is pointing upwards and its branches grow on all sides,Continue reading “Be Like A Christmas Tree…”

5 Reasons To Put A Smile On Your Face!!!

Did you know that there are many health and psychological benefits of smiling, laughter and a good sense of humour? We are greatly influenced by the expression we hold on our faces – smiling actually uses less muscle and energy than frowning, so it really does make much more sense to smile.  By smiling youContinue reading “5 Reasons To Put A Smile On Your Face!!!”

All I want for Christmas…

As Christmas is coming up I thought you might like to see a selection of the books I draw inspiration from… they may make an excellent stocking filler for yourself or perhaps for a loved one – This book is a must for anyone living with a pain in the (insert your area here). PeteContinue reading “All I want for Christmas…”

Yoga – what do you see in your reflection?

You may come to yoga classes to build fitness, strength and flexibility; which of course you will over time; however, through these practices, right from the off, we are engaging in the act of Swadhyaya.  We flow through postures using breath and movement, building concentration… we scan the body, we bring our awareness to ourContinue reading “Yoga – what do you see in your reflection?”

Pureland – Japanese Meditation Garden

As a half-term treat I decided to visit the Pureland Japanese Meditation Garden just up the A1 near Newark. What a fantastic place! We had a super sunny Autumnal day and my photos turned out a treat so I thought I would share them with you… Just like a mini trip to Japan!!   IfContinue reading “Pureland – Japanese Meditation Garden”

Running to Make a Difference…

Growth, doubt and a journey, is how this all started back in January 2015 when I thought I might like to run a half marathon, so I entered the Perkins Great Eastern, in for a penny in for a pound, let’s do the Rutland one, why not? Then doubt called, what have you done? ProfessionalContinue reading “Running to Make a Difference…”


In today’s world of convenience and speed we can lose out on using our hands, fingers, arms and shoulders. By adding simple tasks into our daily routine we are not only preserving the mobility of many joints and muscles but are also slowing down the pace of information into our brains to ‘take a momentContinue reading “YOGA FOR YOUR HANDS AND STOMACH”