Relax and Refresh – a one minute wonder…

Sit up tall, place both feet evenly on the floor and, if you’re sitting press down a little to feel yourself connected to the earth. Breath in and out through the nose.  Imagine that you are filling your lungs from the bottom up – like pouring water into a bucket.  Breath right up into yourContinue reading “Relax and Refresh – a one minute wonder…”

The River by Thich Nhat Hanh

“Once upon a time there was a beautiful river finding her way among the hills, forests, and meadows. She began by being a joyful stream of water, a spring always dancing and singing as she ran down from the top of the mountain. She was very young at the time, and as she came toContinue reading “The River by Thich Nhat Hanh”

Anjali Mudra – Salutation Seal

Anjali mudra or prayer position, is an age-old means of helping human beings to remember the precious gift that life is, and to remind us to use it wisely.  It is used in many traditions, cultures and religions around the globe. It helps us to align our mind (awareness), feelings (heart), and actions (body) withContinue reading “Anjali Mudra – Salutation Seal”

Fairy Lights Meditation

If you find yourself with a few quiet minutes over the holidays – don’t just get on with more food prep, washing up or tidying up. Take advantage of a few precious moments – settle yourself with a wonderful vision of your fairy lights, soften your focus and allow yourself time to truly connect withContinue reading “Fairy Lights Meditation”

Pureland – Japanese Meditation Garden

As a half-term treat I decided to visit the Pureland Japanese Meditation Garden just up the A1 near Newark. What a fantastic place! We had a super sunny Autumnal day and my photos turned out a treat so I thought I would share them with you… Just like a mini trip to Japan!!   IfContinue reading “Pureland – Japanese Meditation Garden”

Autumn Leaves Meditation

Meditation has been practiced for many thousands of years because people know that it reduces stress, calms the mind and increases inner peace. During the 1970s medical researchers at Harvard University studied meditation in depth and found that during the practice the body has what they call the relaxation response, which gives the body deep rest thatContinue reading “Autumn Leaves Meditation”

Autumn Equinox Soothing Meditation

Today is the autumn equinox – when the light of the day is equal to the dark of the night.  At this time we can feel a little out of sorts or anxious about the change-over that is happening in the seasons – sorry to say that the nights will be longer than the daysContinue reading “Autumn Equinox Soothing Meditation”


  This is a super little book by Eileen Caddy, that contains a message for each day of the year. Sometimes our minds are clouded with so many thoughts that we can’t see the wood for the trees. It can help to have a guide to hand to point us in the direction of rest/relaxation/meditation/takingContinue reading “OPENING DOORS WITHIN”

Just Breathe…

Strong or soft, wild or serene- Wherever breath flows there is a song. Hear in its whisper touching behind the face, Singing in the throat, Dancing spirals in the sanctuary of your heart.   In this practice of listening, A moment may come when you just want to lie down. This is a doorway –Continue reading “Just Breathe…”

A Kiss of the divine…

Tasting dark chocolate, A ripe apricot, A luscious elixir – Savour the expanding joy in your body. Nature is offering herself to you. How astonishing To realise this world can taste so good. When sipping some ambrosia, Raise your glass, Close your eyes, Toast the universe. The Sun and Moon and Earth Danced together ToContinue reading “A Kiss of the divine…”