Yoga and Meditation November 15 Term

This term in the Yoga and Meditation (90 minute classes in Preston and Ryhall) we’ll be continuing our strengthening of the hands and arms with a particular focus on the forearm area. To this end we’ll be playfully challenging ourselves with the forearm plank and the wonderful Dolphin Pose… Our meditations will be inspired byContinue reading “Yoga and Meditation November 15 Term”

Let Your Light Shine!

When we greet with Namaste!  We are greeting the light within the person or people we see.  It is not their physical shape, attitude or energy of the body but the light within. You can think of this as a persons soul or spirit. Yogis consider a person or being to be made of severalContinue reading “Let Your Light Shine!”

Yoga Therapy 1-2-1 Now Available For You!

I am now able to offer a brand new service –  1-2-1 Yoga Therapy from my freshly decorated therapy room at home here in North Luffenham. Yoga Therapy is a great way to work with ongoing health problems such as insomnia, specific joint pain, stress, symptoms of the menopause, and much more. With Yoga TherapyContinue reading “Yoga Therapy 1-2-1 Now Available For You!”


      Ever wanted to find out more about YOGA and have a little go??? Well now is your chance – and what’s more it’s totally free! Next weekend I’ll be putting on a FREE HALF HOUR TALK with some simple demos for you to have a go at plus a FREE TRIAL CLASSContinue reading “FREE YOGA TALK AND TRIAL CLASS”

Just Breathe…

Strong or soft, wild or serene- Wherever breath flows there is a song. Hear in its whisper touching behind the face, Singing in the throat, Dancing spirals in the sanctuary of your heart.   In this practice of listening, A moment may come when you just want to lie down. This is a doorway –Continue reading “Just Breathe…”

Is it time to clean your mat?

Yoga mats are supposed to help with your practice by providing a little cushioning between your body and the hard floor and also to prevent your feet and hands from slipping when you’re in a pose that may need some grip to support it. After some use though, mats become dirty – simply because youContinue reading “Is it time to clean your mat?”

Weekend Yoga Workshop – “The Natural Face Lift”

Do you fancy a facial treat? Forget potions and lotions – yoga has all the ingredients you need to keep you looking radiant at any time of your life. Why not come along for a wonderful yoga workshop – either Saturday morning 9th May or Sunday afternoon 10th May. Both are perfect opportunities for youContinue reading “Weekend Yoga Workshop – “The Natural Face Lift””

Where on Earth is your ‘tragus’?

a) On your heel b) On your elbow c) On your ear The answer is c) on your ear!! The Tragus is the flap of cartilage that runs up from your cheek over your ear ‘hole’!  In the practice of Bhramari Pranayama we gently push the tragus with the thumbs to ‘stop up the ears’Continue reading “Where on Earth is your ‘tragus’?”

Perfect Your Posture… Bhujangasana (cobra pose)

Step by Step Instructions for Bhujangasana (cobra pose) Lie on the front of the body, legs straight and soles of feet upwards and forehead or nose on the mat. Place the palms of the hands (fingers together) on the mat, keeping the upper arms in contact with the sides of the body and the elbowsContinue reading “Perfect Your Posture… Bhujangasana (cobra pose)”

Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga – Sutras II:28 & II:29

Patanjali is known affectionately as the father of yoga. He wrote the first comprehensive manual about how to practice yoga in around 300 BC. The teachings included in his ‘Yoga Sutras’ had been passed on by word of mouth via chanting for many years before.  Artefacts and scriptures from the Indus Valley have been carbonContinue reading “Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga – Sutras II:28 & II:29”